FanDraft WEB

Have a member who can't make the draft?
Get the FanDraft WEB add-on!

FanDraft WEB

As we've all experienced, every year it seems like one or two people have trouble attending the in-person draft. This add-on to FanDraft allows these owners to participate in your draft remotely.

what fandraft web can do

  • Allow owners to view the draft results remotely as the draft takes place.

  • Allow owners to remotely make selections and communicate via chat.

  • Compatible with any sort of device (computer/laptop, mobile phone, tablet), as it simply uses a browser.

  • Owners access via the internet, and no download is required for them.


  • NOT intended for full league draft (at the moment). Best for the few members who can’t make the draft in-person.

  • Experience multimedia used in the desktop, such as team logos, photos, team songs.

  • There is currently no support for leagues that allow the same player being selected by multiple teams

How FanDraft WEB works (requires internet during draft)

  • The add-on must be used in conjunction with the FanDraft software, and ordered separately for only $5.

  • One purchase allows for as many owners as you need for your draft. You can also hold as many drafts as you'd like using that single FanDraft WEB purchase.

  • Remote users will login to to access their drafts, once they have been invited. No software download required for them.

  • Remote selections will automatically be activated in FanDraft after they are made.

  • The add-on expires after the season, and will require purchase again for use in following years though.

How FanDraft WEB for AUCTION works:

  • When it is their turn, remote owners can nominate players for bidding.

  • Remote users can place bids on players remotely during the auction, as well as chat with other remote users and the desktop user.

  • All picks are processed only from the FanDraft desktop software, by the commissioner clicking the “Process Selection” button.

    Click here to learn more about how the FanDraft Auction works.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost?
    Access to the WEB add-on is a single $5.00 for the league

  2. How many owners can use it at once? All of them?
    All of your owners can use the WEB-add on, however, we suggest to dedicate it only to the remote users. The reason for this is because FanDraft is a client based software, there will be a few seconds lag between sending and receiving data to the web. Complicating the process by including everyone (including those who are already in-person at the draft) will add unnecessary drag to the length of your draft, and take away from the intent of FanDraft as an enhancer of the in-person/live experience

Setting up FanDraft WEB (Commissioner)

Setup for FanDraft WEB is easy:

  1. From within the FanDraft software, go to SETUP > WEB.

  2. Check the "Use FanDraft WEB" box.

  3. Enter your FSM login credentials (the same you used to purchase FanDraft).

  4. Click the "ACTIVATE LEAGUE" button.

  5. Once your league is "activated" go to SETUP > TEAM SETUP.

  6. You will now see an area in Team Setup to "Invite Owners" individually.

During your draft, any team that has been invited to use FanDraft WEB will automatically wait for those selections to be made remotely, and FanDraft will automatically take those selections once they've been made by the remote owner.

Using FanDraft WEB (Owners)

Your owner will send you an invite to join your league within FanDraft.
* Note: If you don't see this invite, make sure to look in your SPAM box, and double-check with your league commissioner the email address they input in FanDraft.

  1. Upon receiving the invite email, there will be a link in the body to JOIN THE LEAGUE

  2. You will be then led to the website where you'll be asked to setup your WEB account.

  3. Once registered/logged-in you will see a screen with the leagues you have joined. Simply click on that link to access your draft.

  4. During the draft you will be able to view the players available, and a TAKE PLAYER button will automatically appear when it is your selection.

In 2019 FanDraft is introducing a newly streamlined method of auction drafting for your draft. We also included the ability for WEB/Remote drafters to participate in an auction draft…