Installing FanDraft Updates

Install FanDraft Updates

Occasionally FanDraft will release updates to its current software version.
These updates are FREE and highly encouraged.

When installing the update you will NOT lose any of your prior setup or league/ draft information.

You can find out if there is an update available by clicking the “CHECK FOR UPDATES” button on the initial launch of FanDraft.

Instructions for installing updates:

If you are connected to the internet, FanDraft will alert you upon launch if an update is available.  You can always see your current version in HELP > ABOUT.

  1. Close the FanDraft application (File > Quit)

  2. Download the latest version here: Download (Mac) | Download (PC)

  3. Install the downloaded file (Make sure FanDraft is closed before doing this) and then launch the FanDraft software.

  4. (PC only) Select the option to “Load other league”, find your original league file (it has a “.fan” extension, and is usually located in the FanDraft “/leagues/” folder). Note: On the Mac this file you ignore this step.