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After using paper draft boards for the first 5 years of our league, I stumbled upon FanDraft and couldn’t be happier! We had our live draft last night at a local bar, on their big screen projector. Everyone in our league was excited and shocked as they walked in and saw their personal bios and league records on the pre-draft screen. All the other patrons of the bar were glued to the screen, anticipating who would be drafted next, as if it were a real draft. Overall this product was awesome and you now have a loyal customer as long as our league exists!
— Terrell B
I am the commissioner for a fantasy football league our league is made up of 12 teams 6 teams are from Miami, FL and 6 teams are from Charlotte, NC and we have a live draft every year. We where looking for a software that allows us to do a live draft without having to use the league website draft to do our draft, after researching I found and started using FanDraft software. We have been using this software for 4 year now and we love it. I recommend FanDraft to any one that loves playing fantasy football and doing there draft live.
— Angel from Miami, Florida
This was our league’s first year of hosting a live draft. We wanted a software that could play theme music, which really helped people know who was drafting, and pay attention. Not only did we get a lot of great feedback from our league, but also had a great customer support/service experience. I cannot imagine there is another platform that would be better! The logos and photos had people laughing, the customization really enhanced the overall experience, and now it’s time for me to start stacking Ws. Thanks guys!!!
— Randall from Fountain Valley, CA
We’ve been using Fandraft for a few years and it works perfectly with My Fantasy League. We run a keeper league where picks are traded all the time, and the draft board would be impossible to keep track of were it not for FanDraft’s integration with the MFL website. After the draft, you hit a few buttons and it loads everyone’s roster onto your league site, something that took hours to do manually before.
What floored me though was the customer service. I noticed an issue when I was testing everything out before our draft. Nothing major, just an aesthetic issue. They got back to me within an hour, and by the morning there was an update ready and the issue was fixed.
This software is worth every penny.
— Mike from Ottawa
I’ve been using this product since 2009 and if I were to tell our league members that we were getting rid of FanDraft, they would all revolt and impeach me from my commissioner position. Everyone absolutely loves the software and I could imagine our league using anything else. I’ve only had one issue with FanDraft and their customer support was lightning-fast and resolved the issue within hours. I just want to show my love for the product. FanDraft is worth every penny!
— Eric D.
Our league is fairly new to FanDraft only using it for one season so far in 2014. But I have to say we have all been blown away at the quality of the product. The best part is the integration with myfantasyleague.com. This is such a benefit as a commissioner that has a million other things to worry about that this product saves so much time as well as make the draft so fun as a whole. We love drafting on a big screen and making mid draft trades using the product. This year we purchased it for 2015 on the 4th of July special to also receive the Draft lottery software complimentary. This was great since we use a lottery for our keeper league draft positions. Unfortunately our coupon code had expired and we never could get the lottery software to download. I sent an email to support at 11:30 pm central time on a Wednesday night giving them information and snapshots of our issue. Thinking it was way too late to get a response I set my expectations to some time later. Shockingly within 10 minutes I received and email stating the product had been given to our account and we were free to use it. I have never had such great support response in any product or company I have dealt with. Just an A+ effort and product and our league appreciates the great care you bring. Thank you!
— Angelo from Chicago, IL
Just a quick note to thank you for the great software you’ve created in FanDraft. We had our league’s Fantasy Football draft last night and the software worked GREAT! It’s obvious the software was created by fantasy football fans. FanDraft worked great, and some of the features you’ve added this year are excellent. Thanks again! Keep up the great work!
— Tim from Minnesota
This is my first year using your products. We used the projector in my theater room and your FANDRAFT software was the bomb! We had a 14 team live draft league. Your software worked flawlessly and it didn’t miss a beat. We invited two other commissioners to the draft to check it out for the first time. They both ordered your software… Great job!
— J. from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
I just wanted to acknoledge and give praise to the excellent customer service team. Their assistance has been timely, efficient, and precise. They have been more than helpful with the many questions/concerns I have and have done everything possible to resolve any issues. Great work!!!
— Brian from New York
This will be the third year that I use FanDraft. After going from having everyone right down their own picks to a paper draft board on the wall, this blows everything out of the water. As a fantasy commissioner, I want my leagues to have the best draft experience. FanDraft does that and much more. The customizations that are available allow you to modify your display mid-draft. It has something for everyone. Last year, we used Skype for someone out of town. It worked beautifully. I can’t wait for our draft. Thank you FanDraft. Your product rocks!
— Steve from Indiana
I would like to commend you for some awesome support. Your software made our draft a great experience and will become a staple of our drafts from here on out.
— Brian from Arkansas
Last year was the first year we used it and when this year’s version came out I had to order it again! I use it for several drafts and have received a ton of compliments on it. It takes our draft to a whole new level. It’s great!
— Justin from California
It was our league’s 20th draft and we’ve been using your software for about 7-8 years now!! We totally love your software. For the first 12-13 years, we were using the old paper draft boards and stickers so it was a god send when we discovered your software. Keep up the great work!
— John C. from Chula Vista, CA
Hi, I just wanted to write you and tell you that this was the first time that I used your product for my draft. Everyone that was there thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
— Robin from Pennsylvania
Wow, that’s unbelievable customer support. Thank you so much. Keep FanDraft going strong. This is the best service I’ve ever used for the money you pay.
— Eric from Florida
Thank You very much!! Just want to let you know your software rocks! Keep up the great work. I will pass it on to everyone I know that plays fantasy sports. I used it for the first time today and glad to say what a great purchase! Feel free to use my testimony on your website if you would like. I have many great things to say about the software.
— Rod from Minnesota
Used it late last year! I have been running drafts for 20 years and this software is a game changer. I project it on a white wall, keeps everyone involved and entertained!
— Steven from Amherst, NY

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