Draft Order software

Combine FanDraft with Draft Order

Expires: Aug 30th, 2018

If you would like to add on FanSoft Media’s “Draft Order” software, you can save $5.00 if you purchase with the FanDraft software at the same time. To receive the discount, just follow the instructions below:
Click here, and then use the code below to order the discounted combo.
» Coupon Code: 9AFD4

Combine FanDraft with MyFantasyLeague

Save $20 off MyFantasyLeague.com *

Expires: October 1st, 2018

MyFantasyLeague has been kind enough to offer a special $20 discount to 2018 FanDraft Football users who aren’t currently using MyFantasyLeague.

* To receive this discounted rate, all you have to do is order FanDraft Football 2018 and be a new user to MyFantasyLeague in 2018. Upon processing of your order, check the instructions at the bottom of your download instructions email that you receive after your FanDraft purchase. If you don’t currently use MyFantasyLeague as your League Manager, this would be a great time to switch!