Important Tips for a successful FanDraft Draft


Mock Draft! 

It's important to become familiar with FanDraft's "Draft Interface", and the best way to do that is by running some practice drafts.

Once you set up a league, click Draft > then START A NEW DRAFT.

Run through a few rounds and make sure everything is working properly.

Don't worry, when your official draft comes around, all you have to do is click the "START A NEW DRAFT!" button again, and it will reset your last (mock) draft to begin from scratch.



Make sure your version is up-to-date

We occasionally add updates to insure increased stability, and added functionality.

When you first launch FanDraft, you will see an option to "Check for Updates".

To update, all you need to do is login and redownload from here.

For full installation instructions, click here.



FanDraft shut down? Continue your draft!

If some oddity occurs, such as your computer crashing during your draft, it's no big deal at all. Just re-open FanDraft, and select "Draft > Continue Draft", then click on the "Continue Draft" button. You will continue right where you left off.

Make sure NOT to "Start a new Draft" though, as this will erase all of your information! But even if you do overwrite your draft, just see here:



Ranking & Updating the Player Database

Everyone has different opinions on how players should be ranked, and we let you set your own. To do this: "Player Setup > Edit Player Information". Click on a player and use your keyboard UP/DOWN arrows keys to re-rank the players. Use the "Move to top" icon to move a player all the way up the ranks.

In this area, you can also make other manual updates to any player you desire.

If you prefer though, FanDraft has the ability to handle these tasks automatically.

To do this, just select "Player Setup > Import Players"), and from here you can automatically download all of the latest player changes (i.e. NFL Team changes) as well as the latest player rankings (based on ADP results).



Use the in-software "Help"

FanDraft offers an easy to use in-software help, that can be accessed by selecting "Help>FanDraft Help". Once clicked, a searchable HELP window becomes available, where every single detail of the FanDraft software is covered.


Other Tips:

Understand the "Draft Order Setup"

If you run a "non-auction" league, it is required that you setup your draft order.

It is importantly to do this in a step-by-step order, to assure that everything is correct.

1) Set your "Official Draft Order": This is the order of your draft WITHOUT traded draft picks, etc. This is the order the Draft Board horizontally display teams in the header.

2) Set your "Order Type": Your options are Serpetine, or Non-Serpentine.

3) Set your "Individual Picks": This is the order that FanDraft will request team picks to be made during the draft. Use the "Round to Edit" button to cycle through all of the rounds, and make sure that each and every pick is properly designated.


Know the in-draft controls

This is something you'll pick up quickly from your practice drafts (above).

Player Queue : You can select a player by clicking on a name (on the Player Board), but the easier way is to just TYPE A THE NAME INTO THE QUEUE. After two letters are entered, your player name will just pop-up. This is a real time saver!

Team on the Fly(TOF): If you need to make a quick change of the current team selecting, utilize this feature (found in "Draft > Draft Tools").

Player on the Fly(POF): If there is a player missing from the available pool, and you need to quickly add it, use this feature (found in "Draft > Draft Tools").

Edit Selections: If you ever make an error, you can always correct it with this option.

Clock controls: In the clock panel there are icons to pause, reset, and edit the clock.

Ticker Speed: Change this from within the DRAFT OPTIONS area.

HOT KEYS: You can use the function keys (F1...F6) to quickly scroll through the different display boards. Using SHIFT-#(i.e. SHIFT-1) when viewing the "Player Board" will quickly scroll you through the different positions.