New Feature: Rookie Only Drafts

rookie only draft
rookie only draft

The features keep coming in 2015, as we are happy to announce support for "Rookie Only Drafts"

What are "Rookie Only Drafts"?

Dynasty Keeper leagues often hold "Rookie Only Drafts". In these drafts only NFL rookies from current season are available for drafting. If you need/want to learn more about what a dynasty league is, we suggest taking look at this link which goes into great detail about this. FanDraft now offers a tool which will clear out the player database of all of the non-keeper and non-rookie players with a simple button click.

How it Works

The tool works by deleting all non-rookie and non-keeper players in the player database. If you have assigned a player as a keeper, he will not be deleted. If a player is a rookie he will not be deleted.

How to use the "Delete Non-Rookie Players" tool:

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.45.57 PM
Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 2.45.57 PM
  1. Click on the  button, located in at the bottom PLAYER SETUP area.
  2. Following the warning, click YES and it will proceed.

Important note You should run the DOWNLOAD PLAYER UPDATE tool before proceeding with this action. Re-downloading player updates after deleting rookies will add back all deleted players.