Creating MP4 (Video Highlights) for Player

A huge new feature included in the latest FanDraft software is the ability to "Load Player Videos". We've been getting a lot of emails from users wondering about the best resources for finding videos that are usable within FanDraft.

This quick instructional blog post will answer:

  1. How to find videos on YouTube.
  2. How to use only a short section of the highlight video.
  3. How to convert to MP4 format for use in FanDraft.

Key Video Resources

  • YouTube: Useful search keywords "NFL player highlights", or type specific player names.
  • OnlineVideoConverter: This converts a YouTube video to a usable MP4 file.

STEP 1: Locate a Video

YouTube is going to be the best place to start. Once you navigate there, use terms like "NFL player highlights" in the search. Or type in a players specific name. In the sample below, you'll see we used the first suggestion, and then came upon an Eddie Lacy video we liked:


Once you find a video highlight, here are 2 areas you are going to want to make note:

  1. The page URL. In the sample page above it is this:
  2. 3
  3. The Start & End time of the video: Find the time code, and determine where you want to start and stop the video. This area can  be found as displayed here in the sample page above:

STEP 2: Use an Online Video Converter

Our recommendation right now is to use the website OnlineVideoConverter.


Once you get to the site, there are 3 areas you will want to take notice of and utilize:

  1. "Video Link": You will paste the YouTube URL here.
  2. "More Settings": You will need to click this to access necessary options.
  3. "Convert From/Convert To": Uncheck the []Start of Video, and enter the begin/end time.

When all the information is set in those 3 areas, click on the orange "CONVERT" button, and it will begin creating your MP4 file. After it is complete, you will see this screen:


Now just simply click the DOWNLOAD button, save the MP4 file to a good location on your computer, and then load your player video into FanDraft .


Both YouTube and OnlineVideoConverter are 3rd party services, and neither owned nor supported by FanDraft. We notice that occasionally that some videos don't properly convert from the choosen start and end points in the OnlineVideoConverter. Our suggestion for this would be to open up the downloaded MP4 file in a video editor software package, and manually edit the video file, search and discover a different YouTube-to-MP4 website, attempt a different source file, or contact the support of those websites.