FanDraft 2014 - Latest feature additions

If you didn't already notice, we release occasional updates throughout the summer. In the updates are bug fixes, minor UI improvements, and sometimes a new feature addition. FanDraft updates are free to registered users of the most recent version of FanDraft. We highly encourage users to download and install these updates. You will NOT lose anything that you setup prior to updating.

Instructions for updating can be found on the link below:

Additions included in recent updates since the initial release include:

  • Updated the draft "Ticker". Now includes an improved speed control.
  • Fix to UNDOCK that updates team on selecting with TOF action takes place.
  • Minor messaging fixes to Registration process.
  • Mac can now find MP4 files in finder in Keeper Setup area.
  • Added Mac Full Screen capability (found in "Preferences > Fullscreen")
  • Added new "League Transfer" tool to ease the ability of transferring league data to a different computer.
  • Critical bug fixes related to Mac file management.
  • Added new "Restore Draft File" tool for Mac.
  • Bug fix that wouldn't allow some audio imports for Sound Effects.
  • Fix to automatic draft backup file creation.
  • Added fix that was causing crash on some imported MP3 files
  • Fixed Mac related bug that wasn't creating report files when ".html" extension was left off.
  • Allow the ability to turn on/off the "On Deck" pop-up (Preferences > Display Preferences)

You can view all the update releases in detail at any time on the FanDraft Forums: