Import a Team's Player Rankings from Cheatsheet Creator

If you have an owner who is unable to attend your draft, and you are using the "Auto Select" feature (only available for regular/non-auction style drafts.), you can allow these users to supply a customized list of player rankings. To create this list, users must create a FREE or paid "Cheatsheet Creator" account. Cheatsheet Creator allows users the ability to easily create and export customized cheat sheets. Once the user has created his customized list (utilizing the "Overall" list in Cheatsheet Creator), they simply need to go through the following instructions.

  1. Rankings are derived from the TOP OVERALL rankings (not the individual player rankings) in CSC.
  2. csc_1
  3. The user must navigate to the "Create Report" area of the CSC website.
  4. Under "Report Type", the user must select the "FanDraft Export File"
  5. Once loaded, user must select "Save As" from the file menu, and then save the file. IMPORTANT! The file must be saved as a XML file, so if the file is saved with a .php extension, make sure to CHANGE TO A .XML extension, or FanDraft cannot load the file.
  6. This .xml file must be supplied to the FanDraft primary user, who can then import the list by clicking the "Import Team's Player Rankings" button for the team supplying this list (in TEAM SETUP).