FanDraft Review by "Let's Talk Fantasy Sports"

A month ago we added the "Let's Talk Fantasy Football" podcast into our weekly listening rotation here at FanDraft (a high recommendation to all of you), and so we thought we'd reach out and see if they were interested in doing a review of the new 2015 FanDraft Football application. We were delighted to hear that they were interested, but even more happy to see what they produced, which was a very thorough "walk-through" of the FanDraft software. While many of you experienced FanDraft users may already be familiar with a lot of what they cover, it's a great user walk-through for potential new users or those who haven't used FanDraft in the last couple of years and want to see the new look.

You can check out the article with the video on their website here:

Or watch the video directly here