FanDraft Football 2017 - Now available!

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of this year's FanDraft Football software.

There were some minor improvements made to various areas of the software, including a full redesign of the visual graphics. 

The biggest and most exciting change is the launch of an all new FanDraft WEB!

FanDraft WEB 2017

The new FanDraft WEB add-on allows for the ability of remote owners to make selections. In the past owners could only view the draft data as it took place, but now they will be able to see players available for selection and even take the players. The selections are automatically fed back to your live in-person draft, producing a more streamlined experience for everybody.

We're going to continue improving upon the WEB add-on through the summer, so stay tuned news.

Other changes in FanDraft 2017

A lot of subtle changes took place in the setup area to adapt to the inclusion of the new and improved WEB add-on. The position setup area was one of the spots more drastically changed. Instead of utilizing a "flex" position, instead a more robust list of available positions are now available to select from (including a wide variety of "combined positions" such as RB+WR, RB+WR+TE, etc.).

There was also limitations added to manipulating the Player Database through the Player Setup area. League that utilize WEB will be prevented from deleting/altering  true player information (eg Add Player/Delete Players,etc) so that WEB users have a matched information to in-person leagues. However, league's that don't use the WEB add-on will still have access to these tools.

Interface Improvements

Finally, we made some improvements to the user interface for both the setup and draft area, giving the software a more modern look that better utilizes screen space.