FanDraft Football 2015: New Look, Features, and more...

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We are happy to announce that FanDraft Football 2015 is now available. This year's version is loaded with new features, stability enhancements, a re-introduction of the original WEB add-on, and a brand new look & feel.

The Focus in 2015

FanDraft Football 2015
FanDraft Football 2015

If there is one area we really wanted to focus on this year, it was the aesthetic feel of FanDraft. FanDraft's sole purpose is to bring alive the live draft experience, by making a multimedia engagment that makes your draft really feel like an NFL draft.

To improve upon this, you'll notice that we enhanced all of the graphics this year, adding more motion graphics, modern imagery, and a sleek interface. FanDraft Football now comes pre-loaded with NFL player images (although you can still edit/import your own), which are utilized within the draft experience, and you can even import MP4 videos to play after a player is selected. All of this aid in creating presentation that feels like you are watching a draft on ESPN.

Re-Introductions of FanDraft WEB add-on

FanDraft WEB 2015 Screenshot
FanDraft WEB 2015 Screenshot

If you've been paying attention to our blog, you may have already noticed our post detailing what's happening to FanDraft WEB this year.  Last season we introduced a stand-alone application which allowed owners unable to attend the draft to purchase and install software which would allow them to view and draft remotely.  It was a major change that had mixed reception from our users. The overall feedback was that charging users individually, and expecting them to install and link their accounts added undesired complexity. This opposed to the original FanDraft WEB add-on, which is a single purchase product that the commissioner could buy, setup, and allow all of the owners to easily access via the WEB (not needing owners to install separate software).

We are happy to announce that we are leaving behind last year's WEB, and re-introducing the original FanDraft WEB. For our long-time users familiar with this product, FanDraft WEB is a simple $5 add-on that allows all of your users to access the draft from a website. There is no registration, setup, or purchase required from your owners. You just setup FanDraft WEB from within FanDraft, then send along the link and league credentials to your users, and they can all access it. To learn more how it works, just click here.

What's New Under the Engine

Another major improvement from last year comes in some invisible ways, in the engine of the software. Last year some users Mac users experienced annoyances that related to the latest Mac OS changes, in particular related to the Gatekeeper changes make in Mac OSX.  You'll be happy to hear all of those have been settled on our end, and FanDraft is back to working with all of the Mac operating systems without a hitch.

We also added a lot of internal programming to deal with users Firewalls, which would cause annoyances when it came to registration or web connectivity features within FanDraft. The changes relieve most of those nuisances, and even add the ability for users to connect from a proxy server.

New Features: Bells & Whistles

The majority of the new features and improvements we add each year come from YOU, our users. You all come up with fantastic ideas, which keep FanDraft on top of the game every year. Below is a listing of some of these great new added features:

Draft Extensions
Draft Extensions
  • Draft Extensions: A lot of league's allow users to take a "draft extension" (or 3) during the draft. These can be a real life saver for owners, especially if they are trying to make an in-draft trade. FanDraft now allows you to setup draft extensions (you can have 1-3), and keep track of them during the draft. Just simply click the draft extension light during the draft, and easily take an extension at any time.
  • Pre-Loaded NFL Player Images: This has been a lot time request of users, that we are happy to finally support. You will find that almost all of the top players are now pre-loaded into FanDraft. However, you can still import your own player images if you'd like, or even import MP4 videos, which will play after a specific player is selected.
  • Import Settings from ESPN: Unfortunately ESPN still doesn't offer API access for any services like FanDraft to export draft results back to their league manager, but you can now save a bit of time by importing some available league settings (such as team names, league size, draft size)  from ESPN. We are also planning on adding this same feature for services like Yahoo! later in the summer.
  • Undock
  • Improved UNDOCK Area: For power users that like to have two different screens displaying on different displays, we have improved the UNDOCK area to allow more board displays to now be shown.
  • Visual "Position Breakdown Display": This is a great user suggestion, asking for a "grid" display that players taken in a visual way, as to see which slots are taken/open for all of the teams. You can change between the two types (visual/data) in the draft options area.
  • Multiple Team Song (Tracks): We have a full write-up going into detail on this long awaited request. Check it out here, or even watch the video demo here.
  • FanDraft Football 2015
    FanDraft Football 2015

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