FanDraft Football 2013 Now Available

We at FanSoft Media are proud to announce the launch of the 2013 version of “FanDraft: Fantasy Football Draft Board software“. The 2013 version includes a variety of enhancements that we are very excited about. Along with all of the new 2013 NFL players and player updates, there is now the ability for users to "undock" the player queue area. This allows power users (who want to run two screens) the ability to hide selections as they are being made. We have also made the colors of the draft board cells much more dynamic, as well as adding the ability to customize these cell colors. And another big addition is the FULL SCREEN MODE, which allows users to maximize the viewing of the draft grid space. FanDraft Fantasy Football Draft Board

Along with all of these new features, other enhancements in 2013 include:  


  1. Polished improvements to the Draft Board grid (improving the graphics and display data).
  2. Improved Graphics and User Interface.
  3. All of the 2013 Rookies/Player Updates.
  4. Improved speed and performance of software.


  1. Added ability to customize a positions cell color, which is displayed on the draft board grid.
  2. Default colors of the draft board much more dynamic.

In Draft Features

  1. "Roster Board" display can be sorted by PICK or POSITION
  2. Added ability to "undock" the Player Search Bar (allowing users the option to drag this to a secondary screen)
  3. Improved Ticker: Speed can be better increased/decreased as speed is saved.
  4. Auction Draft: Now displays which owner is next to put a player up for auction
  5. Full Screen Mode (this feature, when selected, minimized many visuals to place emphasis on draft board grid)


Summer Updates:

As usual, we'll be adding minor updates throughout the summer. Of course these updates comes as free downloads to all registered users. If you have any suggestions for summer additions, please feel free to send them along to us in the comments (or via email). We always love to hear ideas from our users!


Order FanDraft Football 2013

2012 registered users of FanDraft can update to version 2013 for 50% off (that's only $15 during the early bird). To access the discounted update, just login to your account:

New users can order the full version for only $30 until August 1st, 2013.

If you would like to TRY FANDRAFT FREE before purchase, just download the free LITE version available on here on our website: