FanDraft Football 2014 Feature List

FanDraft Football 2014The NFL schedule is supposedly to be released within the next few days, and soon after that the 2014 NFL Draft is right around the corner. What this means is the next installation of FanDraft is just a few weeks away. User Suggested Features 

Every season we do our best to add as many new features and enhancements as possible. Most of these suggested improvements come directly from YOU (our users). And this year you all came up with some absolutely fantastic ideas. Notably the end of draft "Draft Report Card" and the "customizable voice announcer audio responses" are two implemented suggestions that we're sure will really add a new level of engagement to FanDraft.

The New FanDraft WEB

We're also excited about the launch of the brand new FanDraft WEB. This is a product that we've been working on for over a year, and have improved dramatically since our BETA launch for the FanDraft Baseball product this year. The new WEB product allows users to view your live draft data, interact via chat , and even make their own remote web selections!

Without further ado, here are the new features to look out for in FanDraft Football 2014 (release date is scheduled soon after the 2014 NFL Draft).

New Features in 2014…

  • 2014 NFL Players
  • Fully revamped WEB product/remote draft tool
  • Redesigned SETUP area.
  • Improved the Draft Order setup.
  • Software auto-checks for updates upon launch.
  • Added cut-and-paste to setup areas.
  • Player images can now be transparent
  • Increased “Phonetic name” character limit to unlimited.
  • Improved “Keeper Setup” (auto-fills rounds/picks).
  • Ability to add MP4 video format for player photos.
  • Option to play just 10 seconds of team song.
  • New On-screen HELP icon.
  • Increased logo and image sizes.
  • Added new board display to the UNDOCK area.
  • Customizable sound FX and voice responses for draft pick feedback responses.
  • New “On Deck” pop-up, displaying info about who is currently drafting.
  • Right-click on draft board to toggle between displaying BYE/IR/TEAM
  • Auction “On Deck” by-passes teams out of money
  • The “Pick Announcement” now displays for the last pick of round.
  • Keepers now denoted with (K) on draft board.
  • The “Draft Report Card”: Displays list of who had the best overall draft.