Feedback - Auction Draft Trades

auction_draftsWith the 2013 NFL season already underway, most of us are more focused on who to Start/Bench, and not so much on draft rules. However, we at FanDraft are already in production of the 2014 version of FanDraft, and need to put a call out to our users for some input. After all, it's YOUR FEEDBACK that makes FanDraft better each season. If you use FanDraft for Auction drafts, and more importantly your league allows trades during your draft, you can be the most help to us.  For you users that meet this criteria, here is the question we pose to you:

During your auction draft, are you allowed to trade players that have been auctioned?

And if so...Do the BID DOLLARS the original team put towards that player get returned to the trader/subtracted from the tradee?
For example:
All teams start with $100 auctioning dollars.
Team A wins Peyton Manning for $50
Team A then trades Manning to Team B
Following the trade...
Does Team A then have $100 (money returned)
And Team B then has $50 (the amount originally bid for Manning then transferred)
While we at FanDraft have experience with a plethora of different types of leagues,drafts,rules, there are times even our group doesn't employ rules that some of you might. And this is just one of those types of instances. While we will consider allowing the customization for various options, it's good to hear from our users so we know what the default settings should be, and how to best deploy these features and options.
Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. So you have would like to contribute your feedback and opinions, please just respond in the comments, on Facebook, or even an email.
Thanks and best of luck during your 2013 season!