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Can I use FanDraft for more than one league

Yes! This is a huge advantage of using FanDraft rather than paper draft boards. FanDraft allows you to create an infinite amount of drafts and leagues, and you only need to purchase it once! To create a new league/draft, just select “File > New”. To open past league, or swap between different ones, just select “File > Open”.

I have a new computer, can I still get the discounted update?

If you lost access to your prior year’s FanDraft and want to get to the discounted update, that is no problem at all! The discounted update of FanDraft is self contained, so you do NOT need last year’s version installed for it to work. The discounted update is the same software package, just available at a discounted rate to prior year registered users. To access the discounted version though, you must login below:

Is FanDraft available for the iPad or Android tablet?

There is no an iPad, iOS, or Android tablet application at this time. FanDraft is only available for the Mac and PC. For users that do not have a Mac or PC, we usually encourage them to find a fellow leaguemate who does, and see that they install the software on their laptop.

FanDraft WEB not updating picks!

This is caused 99% of the time by a Firewall or Network security that is blocking FanDraft from connecting to the internet, and then not allowing that picks to be updated.


Turn off all Firewall/Security software and this should resolve your issue.

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